Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mahavinayak Temple near Chandikhol

Manda Pitha Gol Gol,Chal jiba Chandikhol,
Chandikhol re ayeee,chaluchi nayin nayin
.......This is what Ravi Mamu(uncle) used to sing for us when we were kids...for us during those days,going to Chandikhol and watching Monkeys near the temple was a big thing.Today ,I dont know how much fun and curiousity Chandikhol or Mahavinayak brings in the minds of kids living in and around Jajpur.Situated at around 40 kms from Cuttack on NH5 is Chandikhol. From Chandikhol one needs to take a left turn on the Sukinda-Paradip Expressway. Hardly 10 minutes drive will take you to Mahavinayak. Situated amongst thick and very old trees is the temple of Mahavinayak.Exactly I dont remember but my memory tells that there were very small springs that used to flow near the temple,but when I visited last time the place in October'07, water was coming out of some artificial fountains and taps. I assume that those natural springs have been forced to come out of man made taps.....spoiling the natural beauty.

Old Banyan Trees and the Monkeys

Entrance of the Temple

Inside the Temple

One reminder for people who are planning to visit this place....don't forget to have sweeeeeeeeet "Pedas" made out of Khoya (skimmed thickened milk) at Chandikhol.They come in all sizes and prices...1 rupees,2 rupees and 5 rupees.I challenge...your taste buds will need some Mexican Chillies to neutralize the sweet effect...


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