Monday, October 29, 2007

Khandadhar Waterfalls in Sundergarh

Fresh Morning at Kansbahal...our journey begun

Generally we get disgusted by seeing potholes in roads but what if you see bits of road in potholes and that too on a stretch of 110 kms...heavenly happiness...have a experience of lifetime and come to see Khandadhar waterfalls..the second highest waterfall in Orissa after Barehipani Waterfalls of Similipal. Disgusting is the road affairs in the state. One can feel the plight of the people living in the mining area of Barsuan,Lahunipada,Kalta,Banei and Khandadhar. Absolutely unmotorable roads and criminal offence on the part of National Highway authority of India to maintain( I am finding a word to replace the word maintain) NH 215. At this stage I am least bothered about the plight of tourists planning to visit Khandadhar Waterfalls but thinking about the horrifying situations that patients and their relatives must be going through while being taken to the nearest big hospital in Rourkela. Absoultely criminal and unpardonable offence on the part of State Govt, NHAI, Local MPs and MLAs that a National Highway is in such a poor state. Sorry, I forgot to add the names of f*****g Mine owners and Truck(dumper owners) and the local police officials who are a part of this crime. Shame on you all. Sorry to those who are reading this article but I can't control my rage and anger.
Only these monsters can move on NH 215

Now about the Khandadhar Waterfall. I was little bit judicious to travel in a Bolero to the place. Reason I have already discussed earlier. We started quite early around 7:00 am in the morning from Kansbahal and reached the Waterfall at 12:30 in the afternoon. 5 and half hours for 110 kms. On the whole stretch, we didn’t find a single car. Our first stop was Lahunipada(Lahunipara) chowk. Previously this place was quite an important halt for all busses between Rourkela and other places in Orissa. They used to stop here for Dinner before moving to different places like Balasore, Baripada, Kendujhar, Jajpur Town, Berhampur etc. Reason was that at Lahunipada there are two important diversions. One towards Kalta mines and other towards Barsuan and Tensa mines. Both of these roads again meet at Kendujhar. Chuna Ghati near Kalta is little bit lesser treacherous compared to Tensa Ghats. We took some cold drinks from Lahunipada and then moved ahead. After moving for 15 kms you will come across another small chowk called Kaleiposh. Straight Road goes to Barsuan and Tensa. Here we took left turn towards Barkot. Again a drive for 7-8 kms and another small chowk. One needs to take a left turn and drive for 10kms to reach Khandadhar Waterfalls.You can actually see the waterfall from a distance of 10 kms. An Inspection Bunglow is there but it was closed. We trekked up on the Khandadhar Hills all along the rivulet Korapani Nala cascading down at a good speed.It's all lush green forest everywhere. Just by following the sound of the waterfall we finally reached the place.

First close view of Khandadhar Waterfalls

Sprawling Khandadhar Valley and gushing water...awesome

Just couldn't stop clicking...

The closest view possible of the Falls

Huge.. Awesome.. Marvelous...words are few and hard to describe...come and see to believe the aura of Khandadhar Waterfalls...But be cautious. In the past there has been reports of casualties because of the terrain and the force of falling water. When I looked upward towards the waterfall...straight away one question came to mind..."what must be there on the top of mountain and can one see the Tensa and Barsuan Mines if one treks up the top of waterfall?...If you have plans of doing so then start trekking very early in the would take around 3-4 hours. May be better luck next time for me....

Forest Flowers all around..adding to the beauty

Tall Barsuan Mountains in the background

Radio Waves dont find space to reach this place amidst thick forests...look at the Radio..searching for the nearest station

Time stops ticking at this place......

While returning back our tyre got punctured on the road to Kaleipos. As our driver was getting the repairing done we gossiped with local tribes. They were quite happy with the way local MP was taking care of their needs. Later on came to know from our friend Amit that all of them are someway connected to Naxal movement thriving in the region as everyone had a black thread on the left leg..symbol of Naxal follwers...Though not that much a concern for incoming tourists but still then its better to go in a group and come back before sunset to Lahunipada.


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