Sunday, October 14, 2007

Gudguda Waterfalls in Sambalpur

Gudguda Waterfall cascades down in two falls(one is visible in the backdrops)

This weekend's drive had been a hectic to Deogarh from Rourkela..and then back to Rourkela .We drove for 392 kms but after seeing the Gudguda waterfalls..all tiredness did vanish...On the way back to Rourkela from Pradhanpat waterfalls we stopped at Kuchinda and had our usual Mutton curry at the Kuchinda bus stand.It was almost 2:30 in the after noon and we did set off for Kusumi , a small settlement about 20 kms from Kuchinda.Gudguda Waterfall is near by Kusumi...thats what was told to us by the local dhaba owner at Kuchinda. Road was okay type and one can see greenery all around but not thick forests. As we reached Kusumi, we were told to take a right turn towards the waterfall about 13 kms in a unmettaled, kuttcha road. Oh god..I had forgotten to fill in my fuel tank at Kuchinda and the vehicle was running in reserve quota.Then came the challenging part of the direction to the waterfall and we were in thick will come across a lot of cross roads while approaching the fall...but all doubts ceased once the road ended at a small stream....after lot of introspection we could see that actually there was a cement bridge that had been washed away by the stream...but decided that we need to move ahead by walking to the falls...Slowly as we approached on the forest path, a feeble sound of falling water was coming...ooh there was the Gudguda waterfall ahead...but instant reaction from fellow bikers...its not a beautiful one...but some one has said that every waterfall has its own beauty and one needs to feel it....when we reached near the was amazing.....

First Fall in the background

The fall is actually in two fall in the background was not visible clearly and we could not even reach to the fall .it was as if challenging us...look u can't even feel me completely....that was the beauty of this waterfall.It was already getting darker and we needed to drive back to Rourkela.

God's Canvas

May be one day I will come back and explore the untouched first fall of the Gudguda Waterfall...or may not be................

No body would remember our Trails...Forest Path to Gudguda

While crossing the Rivulet near the Gudguda falls

Orange orchards of Kusumi

While driving back ,we came across so many Orange top up to all these Guava,Jackfruit,Mango,Litchi farms every where...It was hard to believe that I was seeing all these in a village near Kuchinda in Sambalpur....A sense of freshness and fruit scent was all over ...This village is a model one for all fruit farmers in Orissa...

Bikes needed some did we

Was lucky that bike did not run out of fuel in the middle...we safely reached kuchinda and refuelled our was almost six in the evening..did drove back to Badgaon and had our evening chai and kachori...Rourkela was just 65 kms away...we drove down fast and ended up with a good well needed hot water bath......

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