Saturday, October 13, 2007

Chatia Temple- Future Home of Lord Jagganath

It is said that end of Kalyug is inevitable. But that has some connection with Chatia Temple in the district of Jajpur. Situated beside NH 5 and about 35 kms from Cuttack is Chatia Temple. It is said that there is a sword inside the temple premises and it is slowly coming out of the ground .Over the period of years it has come out to some extent. The day it comes out completely , Lord Jagannath along with brother Balabhadra and sister Subhadra will come to Chatia on a black horse leaving behind Puri and destroying the evil society. This phase of Lord Jagannath will be known as “Kalaki Avatar” and will mark the end of “Kalyug”.

Chatia Temple in Jajpur

A closer look of Chatia Temple......The future home Lord Jagannath

Though, I was not fortunate enough to enter the temple(one cannot enter any of Lord Jagannath’s temple after having non veg food and unfortunately I had non vegetarian lunch earlier) and see this different look of the almighty but felt that this needs to be published in my Blog.This along with some other anecdotes related to Jagannath Swamyji will be covered in an all together different series.After all he is the God of whole world..Lord Jagath+Nath


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