Saturday, October 13, 2007

Gadachandi(Gadchandi) in Kendujhar

Continuing my drive in southern parts of Kendujhar after photographing Gudguda Waterfalls and Ghatgaon temple, I halted at Anandpur. I had heard of this place called Gadachandi earlier but lot of research on net did not come of any help. Hardly any information available on net. Asked one of local petrol pump owners about the road to Gadachandi. Its around 35 kms on the road towards Bhadrakh from Anandpur. After driving through for around 15 kms one can have glimpse of the southern parts of famous Boula Mountain Range of Eastern Ghats. These are actually the southern parts of Hadagarh Sanctuary.From a chowk called Chenapati, one needs to take a left turn towards Gadachandi. The same road leads to Hadgarh dam and Boula Mines owned by TATA group(I was told so).

Stream flowing down near the Gadchandi temple

After reaching the place one can feel the coolness of the bushy trees of the Boula Hills.The place is absolutely superb for Rock climbing as the hill is almost vertically steep. There are lot of caves around and one needs to have experts while trying hand out in rock climbing. Some steps beside the stream leads to the
place where Chandi thakurani(Goddess) is worshipped. The temple is actually a part of the cave in the lower parts of the Boula Hills. From a near by rock a perennial stream flows down creating a beautiful scenery. Perfect picture setting. I always ask a question that why our Oriya Movie makers never try to shoot some sequences in these places.Perhaps one needs the passion of someone like Dwarka Divecha who roamed around India to select location for Sholay and finally zeroed on in a place called Ramnagram( between Bangalore and Mysore).

Stream flowing out of the Rocks near the Temple

Man.. I am tired

Southern Parts of Boula Hills

I was very tired driving through out the sunny day. So just fell flat on one of the rocks. Wished that I could stay for some more time but sun was about to set. We drove back to Baitarani Road my maternal uncle’s place via Jajpur Road.

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