Monday, September 17, 2007

Koilighughar in Jharsuguda

Me and Mothi aka Anna were suposed to go to Pradhanpat Waterfalls in Deogarh District. But due to last moment change in Mothi's plan we ended up in going to IB Thermal , a place in district of Jahrsuguda. I was browsing through the official website of Jharsuguda district which had a mention of this place called Koilighughar which is famous for a waterfall. Distance that we both covered in last two days was approximately 410 kms..daunting task for a Hero Honda CD 100.

On the Rourkela-Jharsuguda Highway....Mothi( Future Elephant.. ;-) and a Jumbo

After staying at IB Thermal and visiting places like Lakhanpur Mines and Reservoir waters of Hirakud Dam we left for a place called Gobindpur on Jharsuguda-Raigarh Highway. Its approximately 20 odd kms from Belpahar.From Gobindpur Chowk you have to take a right turn to reach Koilighugar Waterfall. After Driving through thick forest of Sal and Mahua for around 6 kms you reach this less heard waterfall of Orissa called as Koilighughar. While driving through the forest ,I was just wondering about my bikes condition.It was good that I had changed the engine oil just 2 days back.

Drive through the Jungle road to Koilighughar

There were hardly any tourist at the place. We could see the Ahiraj rivulet which after originating from the forests near Hemagiri in Sundergarh District flows through a deep gorge near the Temple and cascades down to form a spectacular waterfall before joining the famous Mahanadi river. All around you can see thick green forests.

Ahiraj Rivulet flowing through a gorge near Koilighughar Temple

Waterfall near the Temple

Near the temple there is an Ashram where some babas live. Previously a famous baba by the name of Saham Swami used to do his meditation in the nearby caves . Later on a temple was constructed there which still has that cave. We met a Swamiji and started talking with him. He belonged to a place called Neelamadhaba near Nayagarh and told us that this forset his full of snakes and animals. During monsoons the rivulet creates a fierce face of itself and cuts through the gorge with full speed. If you are lucky then offer some rice and you will see big fishes coming to the surface to eat them.

Temple of Koilighugar

Swamiji offering rice to some Swans...lucky enough to photograph this...

Picture of the Rivulet Ahiraj from the top of Waterfall

Its said that your wishes gets fulfilled sooner or later...since we both were feeling hungry, from no where Swamiji offered us a meal that he had prepared for himself and other babas. Other babajis had gone to a nearby village on an invitation feast since that day was the occasion of Nuakhai, the famous festival of Western Orissa. Just wait I am not finished..we were offered Kheer,Sag made out of Roots of Bamboo & Moong Dal.The Sag in local language is called Baunsa tasty.

Fortunate enough to get to eat all these

Time for us to leave as we were supposed to drive around 200 kms and it was already 4 'o clock in the evening. Took the blessings of Swamiji and set off for Rourkela. Reached Rourkela at 9'o clock in the night. Had a good night sleep only to wake up at 10 in the morning next day....By the way...who said that Jahrsuguda does not have a Tourist place???? Come down to see Koilighughar..

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