Monday, September 10, 2007

Darjing...on Rourkela-Rajamunda Highway

10:00 am-no plans of moving out on a boring Sunday...
10:45 am- on the way to Rajamunda...about 85 kms from Kansbahal
First plan was to just have a bike ride to Rajamunda,a road junction about 45 kms from Rourkela. Two roads bifurcate from Rajamunda-one towards Barkot and other towards Tensa Mines. When I was a kid,we used to stop at Rajamunda for lunch or dinner on the way to Jajpur Road.Around 5-6 dhabas used to be there at Rajamunda and couple of petrol pumps. Keeping same thing in mind ,me and Mothi set off towards Rajamunda for having some mutton curry at a Highway Dhaba.
Road is not that good but was better than our expectation. Riding through thick forests, our first stoppage was a Road side Railway Station..Champajharan. This is a small station on the Rourkela-Barsuan Railway line. Only one passenger train runs on this route and that too mostly filled with forest wood.This area is also affected by Naxal Movement. So liitle bit skeptical when we entered the station. But once you stand on the platform,one can see beautiful green hills all around and one or two Red coloured Goods wagons...quite contrasting and eye catching.Track is mainly for Iron Ore carrying Goods Trains which start from Barsuan Mines under Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL).

Champajharan Station on Rourkela Barsuan Line

Nearby Champajharan Station is one small temple of Bhole Baba where all busses and trucks stop and offer some dakhshina before moving ahead.

Temple of Bhole Baba

The whole road is sorrounded by Lush Green hills and Streams. Its absolutely a pleasure to drive on this road as you can see the stram flowing nearby. But these streams generally dry up in summers.

Land slide due to Rains

Another Tributary of River Brahmani

Finally, we reached Darjing. I had heard of this place but never knew that it was so close to the road. Accidentally I saw the wide river bed from a distance and in a minute we were on the banks of river Brahmani at Darjing. Such a beautiful place where you will see a lot of rocks inside the river. River is quite wide and was in full flow due to Monsoons.
After having our Lunch of Mutton Curry at Rajamunda,we returned towards Rourkela.But let me tell you that the food was far far below my expctations and is not of typical Dhaba standard.

While cominga back we halted at this superb place. So quiet and serene. Only a small Mountain stream and lush green forest.
But the ride would have been incomplete without a glass of Handia- a local drink made out of Rice Starch.I had a half glass since I was tasting it for the first time.It actually tastes good . Just for confirming the alcholic effect of the drink,I asked one of the local lads-his answer with a smile" Sir,have it and you won't come to know that you have fallen into a ditch while riding".
A glass of Handia costs only 1.5 rupees.

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