Friday, October 5, 2007

Gundichaghai Waterfall

“What’s the happiness you get by visiting new places and photographing them?”...This was the question one person asked me when I told that I was going to one unheard place called Gundichaghai for photographing a waterfall. After travelling overnight in train from Rourkela to Jajpur Road…then biking for 75 kms towards Ghatgaon on a beautiful road (NH 215) amongst forests of Sal & Mahua…then driving on a virtual non existent road to the point of waterfall..and finally photographing the waterfall and publishing in the web for the first time….What did I achieve? Answer is simple- Sense of Achievement.

Gundichaghai Waterfall

River Mudala cuts through the rocks

Daitari-Banspani Railway Line ....Lifeline of Orissa's Economy

Me and my cousin Bunty took the left diversion from Ghatgaon towards Harichandanpur..Its surprising that few people have idea of this waterfall near Ghatgaon of Kendujhar district. After you drive for 15 kms on the road you reach Harichandanpur.This is an important small road junction with roads leading to Kendujhar,Bansapani and Sukinda. There is also a railway station at Harichandanpur but presently not a single passenger train plies on the important route of Daitari-Bansapani.Thanks to our poor, low voiced good for nothing MPs .From Harichandanpur, there is a kachha road of 4kms that leads to the waterfall. River Mudala was at full flow due to incessant rains on previous day.

I just wish that more and more people can visit these unheard ..unknown..neglected tourist places…Tourism in Orissa is not only Puri,Konark ,Bhubaneswar & Chilika….but rather those numerous waterfalls like Gundichaghai…deep gorges of Tikarpada…Temples of Veda Vyas…Tiger sanctuaries of Similipal….Sprawling Deomali of Eastern Ghats in Koraput and the list is never ending…..


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