Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Reporting of Rufescent Prinia from Satkosia

Hereby we report the presence of Rufescent Prinia ( Prinia rufescens) at Satkosia.

  • Recorded at Chamundia Range of Mananadi Wildlife Division
  • Time: 9 am, October 2015
  • Seen in a flock of 10-12 birds
  • Were seen foraging between Bamboo brakes near Sukhila nala area
  • Very vociferous group
  • Can be very easily confused with the Grey breasted Prinia including the below photographed individual. Habitat along with the call of the flock was an indicator for us to zero in on Rufescent Prinia rather than the Grey breasted Prinia ( which is normally seen on forest edges and rarely inside the deep pockets of forests).