Monday, March 16, 2015

Addition of Cinereous Vulture to Checklist of Birds of Similipal Biosphere Reserve

In the earlier checklist of Similipal published in 2014, we had not included Cinereous Vulture (Aegypius monachus). Neither any past record nor any of the Avi-fauna Guides show Odisha as a migratory range for this specie except for a rescued individual from Bonai.

On 17th Dec 2014, a Juvenile individual ( photographed below) was rescued from Kaliasole beat in Deuli Range of Baripada Forest Division in North East Odisha. It looked very exhausted as per the Range officer of Deuli, Shri P K Mallick. It did not accept the dressed chicken that was given as food. Veterinary officer of Suliapada rendered the preliminary treatment.  Subsequently, the next day, it was transferred to Nandankanan Zoological park where it will be rehabilitated along with 2 other individuals. One of them was rescued sometime in 2011 from Bonai Forest Division1

This species breed in North West Pakistan and Afganistan. Stray records of breeding in J &K and Himachal Pradesh has been recorded from past. Their winter migratory range somewhere is a straight line from North of Maharashtra to West Bengal. But these 2 instances of the rescue of Cinereous  Vulture from places located in nothern half of Odisha tentatively indicates that their wintering range might be Odisha also. Based on this particular individual's rescue from Deuli, we are including Cinereous Vulture in the checklist of birds of Similipal Biosphere Reserve.


Rescue sites of the individual Vultures
Map Credit: Google Earth

Naoroji Rishad; Birds of Prey of the Indian Subcontinent ; Om Publications (2006)