Monday, December 1, 2014

Observations on nesting of Thick billed Green Pigeon in Similipal

  • Nesting was observed in the month of April 2013
  • On a Sal Tree beside the road from Bhanjabasa to Gunduria in south Similipal
  • Approximate height of the nest about 35 feet from ground
  • Nest made of twigs made on a semi dried clump of Orchid Dendrobium regium
  • Both male and female were involved in building the nest
  • Seen collecting twigs from a nearby bush
  • Both birds never approached the nest directly. Would perch on nearby tree and then approach the exact nest location after scanning the surroundings.
  • Were seen actively feeding on the ripe Jadi figs ( Ficus amplissima)
  • At the Jadi tree, a group comprising of almost 20-25 individuals were seen only to be disturbed by a raiding Serpent Eagle. Other birds present were a Grey headed Barbet, a Starling Myna couple, a lone male Plum headed Parakeet and a Juvenile Black naped Oriole.
  • Overall sighting are very common in Summer compared to Winters.

 A Male Bird with full display of it's colours
Location: Gunduria 
Range: Upper Barhakamuda

A female bird feeding on Jadi figs
 Location: Gunduria 
Range: Upper Barhakamuda

  Male bird with nesting material

Male bird at the nest

Nest on the Sal tree
Location: Bhanjabasa
Range: Upper Barhakamuda