Saturday, May 10, 2014

Woodpeckers of Similipal Biosphere Reserve

Similipal is one of the vibrant forest patches of India which houses 13 variety of species from Picidae family.

1 Speckled Piculet Picumnus innominatus Very Common
2 Brown-capped Pygmy Woodpecker Dencdrocopos nanus Very Common
3 Fulvous-breasted Woodpecker Dendrocopus macei Very Common
4 Yellow-crowned Woodpecker Dendrocopos  mahrattensis Very Common
5 Rufous Woodpecker Celeus brachyurus Common
6 Lesser Yellownape Picus chlorolophus Very Common
7 Greater Yellownape Picus flavinucha Very Common
8 Streak-throated Woodpecker Picus xanthopygaeus Common
9 Grey-headed Woodpecker Picus canus Very Common
10 Black-rumped Flameback Dinopium benghalense Very Common
11 Greater Flameback Chrysocolaptes lucidus Very Common
12 Heart Spotted Woodpecker Hemicircus canente Rare
13 White Bellied Woodpecker Drycopus javensis Rare

Here is a series on them which have been photographed between 2011-2014.

Brown capped Pygmy Woodpecker
Location: Dhurduruchampa    Range: Nawana(south)
                            Fulvous breasted Woodpecker
Location: Kandadhanu    Range: Upper Barhakamuda
Greater Flameback (Male)
Location: Dhudram    Range: Upper Barhakamuda

Greater Flameback (Female)
Location: Dhudram    Range: Upper Barhakamuda

Greater Yellownape
Location: Ranasa    Range: National Park

Grey headed Woodpecker (Female)
Location: Sarua    Range: Jenabil

Grey headed Woodpecker (Male)
Location: Patbil    Range: Upper Barhakamuda

Lesser Yellownape 
Location: Nuagaon    Range: Jenabil