Monday, November 5, 2007

Leaning Temple of Huma

Leaning Temple of Huma

30 kms from Sambalpur is the Leaning Temple of Huma. On State Highway to Subarnapur ( Sonepur/Sonpur) is the Leaning Temple. Anecdote is that whenever people have tried to straighten it, but it tilts at an angle. Lord Vishwakarma constructed the temple in one night. Situated on the banks of river Mahanadi in the district of Sambalpur, people draw parallel between this temple and Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.

Mysterious Fishes in Mahanadi river in Huma

Near the temple there are lots of fresh water fish in the river, which come to the surface to eat bread crump and biscuits. Anecdote is that all these are forms of various Gods who have decided to reside near the river. Never before I had seen such a scene though heard off.

Women selling Biscuits forMysterious fishes

And what happens if you try to catch them….one of the snaps will tell everything…Again anecdote is that you will become rock..that’s what happened to one of the village girls who became rock after catching one of the fishes. Over the period of centuries the rock has flown away. But people worship that Lady in form of a rock idol in one of the nearby islands formed in the river. Every year in Kali Puja, a small fare takes place on that island where one temple is also there.

 Tilt is quite distinctly visible

We sailed to that island and sat down under one of the shady trees just gazing at the Huma Temple on the other side of Mahanadi and gazing at the natural wonder….the angle at which temple is bent…

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