Thursday, August 30, 2007

Satpada- Mouth of Chilika

This place Satpada is amazing and makes you a Poet. Around 100 kms form Bhubaneswar ,one can easily reach this place by Car. Best place to visit is in Winters. On the way to Satpada don’t forget to have nice breakfast of “Poori” and “Dalma” served in a Banana Leaf at Chandanpur. A right turn will take you towards Satpada famous for Dolphins. As you cross Bramhagiri, you can feel that sea is nearby. All along the road you can sea Chilka water in the fields where breeding of Tiger Prawn are done. Finally one reaches Satpada and infront lies the Great Chilika Lake. An OTDC Guest House is there and some make shift shops of Sea Stationeries. But more than the Dolphins I was interested in seeing the Mouth of Chilka , which is around 15 kms from Satpada. There are Government Booking agencies that provide Boats to reach this place called as “ Muhan” or the “Mouth of Chilika”. On the way we could see Dolphins coming up the surface and before you could take a good snap..they were in….Proves that my instinct is still poor. From around 5-6 kms you can make out the mouth of the Lake. Line of trees with a Gap---the mouth.

Mouth of Chilika

Just was curious that how it must be to be at that place as I had never imagined a mouth of lake. As we reached the place ….it was one of the amazing sites that I can’t forget ever. Turbulent Bay of Bengal on one side and calm Chilika Lake on the other. Blue sea on one side and pale Green Lake on the other. The mouth was a place like Sea trying to prove to the lake that it is the Creator of the lake. Great Scene.

Don’t forget to have fried fish and cucumbers at the spot . Local villagers come in boats carrying tables and chairs and other items and give you fried fishes for mere 10-15 rupees.


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