Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My first Outbound Training

Finally one of my small dreams came true when I organised this particular outbound training.
Day one is when we learnt to go through the various obstacle courses. Day two is when you apply whatever you learnt in day one. I think caving during the monsoons was the toughest part where in you fight all your anxieties and fear and come out as a changed man. That day was one of the turning points during the four day programme where in more than anything participants came to know what is “caring” and “sharing” all about. This is what was one of our prime objectives before sending a team for this particular outbound training. I am sure that when they come back and start working at the workplace “empathy” becomes an inherent part of their work culture. It’s very easier to say that “step into other’s shoes and then go through his feelings”. But, participants experienced that thing for their own when they were actually doing caving. Reason why communication and openness is absolutely necessary for the successful running of any organisation was the other learning. Day three was completely different where in you make rafts of your own and cross the Dimna Lake. That’s the time when people actually show their mettle and leaders get easily differentiated from others. With so much pressure around, your character is put under scrutiny. You come to know that “Team work” is the order of the day. One starts to learn the dynamics of the way a team functions.

Abseiling Down

Aftre Trekking upto a Height of 2500ft

In the Dimna Lake

Dimna Hills

Our Camp

Finally, the Trekking experience in the Dalma Sanctuary on day four was as if you are fighting to conquer the final frontier. For the first time I saw the effectiveness of Outbound Training in full flow. Since, we had to cross one of the Temporary monsoon waterfalls in the Dimna sanctuary, instructors keeping in view the safety of the participants decided to move back. But there was a group of 24 changed L & Tites who were pleading to the instructors to move ahead instead of the gushing water and the bad weather. Very rarely you see changed men within a matter of 4 days.


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