Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bike ride to Pitamahal Dam on a 2ft Road

Thought of going to Pitamahal Dam by bike came after a failed attempt( courtesy: beautiful road from Kalunga to the Dam site) to go in Mohanji's Estilo.But ,CD 100 SS without brakes and threadless tyres always challenges it's owner to go ahead-be it Sinhagad or the 2 ft width road to Pitamahal Dam with a canal on one side and 10 ft steep slope on the other.
On the way me and Moti lost the road ,but finally landed up near this beautiful passing stream with gathered hay and beautiful trees on its bank. Mani Ratnam do contact me before shooting for your next venture.You can get some great shots here (Little bit of Santosh Sivan in me...hahahahaha)
Reached the Dam site.....I just wish that I can get such a dyke to jog on everyday.........I saw in one of the Reebok's ad: Run...The road comes free. But in Orissa, Dams also come free. But,with lazy punters like me, they all are of no use.
Finally, sun setting at the Dam site.Please please...another wish....just imagine me sitting with a plate full of Fish fry with Mint and Coriander chatni and a mug of beer in hand....
But, was sitting there with a long list of wishes..............

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